By Diana Mitchell
3 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Care About You on Social Media


It’s not quite going out on a limb to say that being “on” social media isn’t enough for most businesses to actually see results. The days of setting up a basic Facebook page and expecting customers and clients to flock to that page, singing your praises are long gone.

Yet, on an average day I’ll encounter at least a dozen Facebook pages, Twitter profiles or LinkedIn company pages that do just that – they serve as placeholders. Very hopeful, very disappointing placeholders. And guess what? Your customers don’t care. They don’t hate your page. They certainly don’t love your page.


They just don’t care. You don’t need me to tell you that’s a bad place to be! Customers who don’t care don’t do business with you, they don’t tell their friends and colleagues about you – they don’t impact your bottom line.

If you’re customers don’t care about your business on social media, there are usually a few issues at play – here are some of the most common:

1. You’re never around anymore. It’s the most basic yet critical reason for poor social performance: You just don’t post enough. If this first bullet point sounds like a sad, lonely housewife begging you to come home from work a little earlier, that may just be the point. Your clients and customers need to be nurtured. If you’re not giving them what they need to feel like you value them, they’re going to stop caring (or never care at all).

2. You don’t understand them. Sensing a trend here? Relationships with your clients and customers (or prospects) need care and nurture. If your social media efforts show very little understanding of what your clients and customers want to see or hear from you, they’re going to be turned off and will stop caring. If you have had high-performing content in the past but your current content is taking a nosedive, take a look and see what made that content different. Then, copy that formula and post more great content that taps into the sentiment and care of your clients and customers. If you’re just getting started or really haven’t hit your stride yet on social media at all, it’s time to do a little digging. What is performing well for your customers? What input does your team have (never be afraid to ask your employees for their candid input!)?

3. They don’t know you’re there. The mightiest of all. Your customers aren’t going to automatically seek you out and engage with you on social media. It’s up to you to spread the word, loudly and often. The methods for this are ridiculously simple (yet no one does them). In fact, download my free eBook (I send it to all newsletter subscribers) Simple Steps to Build Social Media Followers, for a list of steps you can take right now to build your social media following with relevant, targeted followers.

Be honest – is your company social media effort guilty of any of these faux pas? Many are, but it’s fixable. With the right strategy and at least one employee who is empowered and enabled to implement that strategy, you can create a tribe of loyal clients and customers (and convert prospects into customers) with an engaging social media presence.

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