By Diana Mitchell
Quick Social Media Tips That Get Results


I come across dozens, if not hundreds, of social media profiles every day. Some of them really hit a home run and clearly serve as valuable marketing tools in their company arsenals. Others need a little work to start getting results.

By Diana Mitchell
Get Smart With Your Social Media Efforts


Today’s Internet offers instant access to the latest social media trends. The notion of a beta-anything is becoming increasingly outdated, as the masses are testing, reviewing and recommending (or dissing) new features, sites and tools before you finish your morning cup of coffee.

By Diana Mitchell
Social Media Lessons from a Billionaire


Looking for social media help? You won’t have a hard time finding some — Google “social media advice” and you’ll find about 99 million results.

By Diana Mitchell
Yes, You Have Time to Post Awesome Social Media Content

One of the most common excuses, err, reasons, I hear from clients, prospects and people in my network about their lack of social media commitment is a lack of time.

I get it. You’re busy. Which is a really great problem to have, really.

By Diana Mitchell
3 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Care About You on Social Media


It’s not quite going out on a limb to say that being “on” social media isn’t enough for most businesses to actually see results. The days of setting up a basic Facebook page and expecting customers and clients to flock to that page, singing your praises are long gone.

By Diana Mitchell
Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media


From small business owners to C-suite executives, the thought of managing the social media presence of your business (or even yourself) can seem a bit overwhelming. And who can blame you? With no shortage of social media advice, the Internet is blasting messaging at you that convinces you that you should be everywhere and do everything.

By Diana Mitchell
You (Probably) Don’t Need Business Cards Anymore

First, let me issue an apology to all of my friends in the printing world – but in today’s workplace, the business card really has become a bit, well, outdated. How often do you hand them out? I probably hand out 10 a month, if that many. And when I collect them, I use them to connect on LinkedIn, then they contribute to my weekly recycling efforts. Not exactly great for the environment, or effective to build and nurture relationships!

LinkedIn is killing the business card, and it’s wildly increasing your ability to connect and nurture prospects and clients. I break it down in the ClearEdge Marketing blog.

By Diana Mitchell
Why You’re Not Getting Anywhere on LinkedIn

At the time of publication, there were more than 450 million+ LinkedIn users. Probably you. Oh and just about every professional you’ve ever met. That includes colleagues, clients, customers, prospects and future prospects. Or put more simply – everyone you could possibly want or need to meet to reach your business goals.

There is major demand for assistance and resources to get ahead on LinkedIn. I’ve led workshops and delivered seminars on LinkedIn essentials to hundreds of professionals across the country. And with good reason.