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I work with companies of all sizes to help them align their marketing strategy and growth goals. Put another way – I’ll help you get to the next level. How can I help you? I partner with clients on social media coaching, consulting and training services:

> DIGITAL MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: My consulting service is geared toward companies whose annual revenue is $1 million or higher. You’ve either got an internal employee working on social media or you’ve hired an outside resource, but you’re not sure you’re getting real value out of the investment. To help assess where you stand and ultimately maximize your results, my consulting package is broken down into several elements. 1.  A social media and content audit can be extremely eye opening for businesses that have been “on” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites for years without any return on their investment. I’ll dig into your social media profiles, your blog, Google Analytics and other digital marketing assets to identify strengths and weaknesses. I’ll compare your performance to your top competitors. Then I’ll craft a digital marketing strategy that includes specific goals and and action plan to achieve them. I’ll present this report to you, either through a webinar or in person. 2. I’ll train your team on social media and digital marketing essentials to ensure they have the backbone of information necessary to implement a solid social strategy. 3. Then every quarter, I’ll perform a follow-up report with updates on your performance as well as updated goals to keep you on track. 4. Finally, I’ll also deliver a custom LinkedIn training to your sales team to help them best maximize the powerful tool to build and nurture leads. A social media audit and strategy, along with training, updated reports and goals throughout the year, is a $9,997 annual investment.

> SOCIAL MEDIA COACHING: Have a handle on the basics but want more results from social media? I can help you get to the next level. Social media coaching is geared toward solopreneurs and small- to mid-size business owners, or C-suite executives looking to build stronger personal brands. We’ll review your social media and digital marketing assets, then we’ll set specific, targeted goals and define an actionable digital marketing & social media strategy for you to get better results. To get you there, the social media coaching program includes two (2), 45-minute Skype calls each month. You’ll also have email access throughout the month to ask questions and keep you on track. The coaching package is $297 per month and requires a minimum 3-month commitment (because real results take time and focus).

>SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING: I’ll help your sales team (and your business) better use social tools to connect with customers and prospects. And ultimately, to increase sales. I’ve trained sales teams to use LinkedIn and business owners how to do all the essentials to launch their brand on social media. Based on your needs, I’ll tailor an in-person or online training session to your specific industry and/or team challenges. You’ll also get email access to me for 30 days after the training to answer any follow up questions (I won’t leave you high and dry!). Trainings start at $997.

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I’m humbled by the recommendations of some highly respected former clients and colleagues. It is my honor to work with such passionate and talented people and organizations, and I would be equally honored to work with you. Shoot me an email at diana @ dianamitchell . net and let’s talk.