It’s Great to Meet You

I’m a social media consultant who can help you improve your marketing ROI.

social media consultantI’ve always had a knack for getting to the root of people and businesses. Of finding out what makes them tick. I guess you could call it the writer in me (I have some pretty awesome stories that I wrote from the ages of 10 to 17; I’m just sayin’). I’ve been putting that knack to use for more than 15 years. Now I’m a digital marketing & social media consultant helping amazing companies across the globe.

At the end of the day, all strong marketing (off- and online) stems from storytelling and connections. And the power of marketing today (particularly digital and social media marketing) to help individuals and businesses make stronger connections is unparalleled.

But in the past several years, I have seen some companies rise to the challenge and truly make strong connections, while others faltered. I quickly realized why many companies were struggling:

Their digital marketing & social media strategy wasn’t aligned with their business plan and growth goals.

I’m a social media consultant who helps businesses maximize their investment in digital marketing and social media. I’ve worked with global companies to neighborhood shops — I’d love to help you.

Some basic details about me: I live in Buffalo, New York with my husband, stepson and two cats. Yes, it’s cold here (half the year). Yes, chicken wings were “born” here. And yup, we’ve lost a bunch of Super Bowls. All true!


>I answer all of my emails and manage all of my own social media accounts (of course!)

>I may reference and/or share photos from theme park visits across this site (and in my blog) – while I’m focused on helping you maximize your ROI, there’s no reason not to have a little fun on my website. You may have even noticed that the pictures of me throughout this site were taken in theme parks – email me their locations and I’ll be happy to hop on the phone for a free, 15-minute consultation. Even good guesses will do!)

> I also love baseball (I root for the Tampa Bay Rays, but love MLB and the game of baseball more than anything)

>I LOVE meeting with companies, groups, organizations — you name it, for trainings, seminars and other presentations or workshops > shoot me an email to learn more

>I’m not a guru, maven, or — what are some of those other words? I’m an experienced digital marketing & social media consultant, coach, speaker and trainer who gets super excited about how social media and digital marketing can connect us with our customers and prospects to build meaningful relationships — I am super excited to meet you

One last thing

Writing an About page is an awkward endeavor. Of course you should get to know me a bit, especially if you’d like to work together. But I’m not someone who’s comfortable rambling on and on about myself. I love meeting new people and learning about new companies and industries. I love what I do, and I am lucky enough to have been doing this for quite awhile now. Let’s connect and see how we can work together.