By Diana Mitchell
Social Media Lessons from a Billionaire


Looking for social media help? You won’t have a hard time finding some — Google “social media advice” and you’ll find about 99 million results.

Finding the really good stuff is where the challenge often lies for most people. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Some people get great results breaking X rule while others are by the book and are happy with their success.

One place where it’s pretty safe to take advice is from that incredible top tier of social media performers. Nope, that doesn’t mean the people with the most followers (since those are so often “bought” – either directly or by services that “build” a following for you). It means the people who make the most impact.

Richard Branson is a billionaire (You didn’t think that headline was referring to me did you?). He was a billionaire long before social media was a “thing.” It’s safe to say he doesn’t need social media at all. Yet he is incredibly active on social — especially Twitter. And quite frankly, he rocks it.

Branson is consistently in lists of top entrepreneurs on Twitter, and with good reason. But, you don’t have to be a billionaire to be successful on social media. I break down the top 4 lessons you should learn from Branson, and offer tips to help you get better results, in my first piece for Entrepreneur.

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