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social media trainingI’m Diana Mitchell and I help business owners and executives maximize their social media and digital marketing investments. My social media training, consulting and coaching services help you align your digital marketing & social media strategy with your business plan and growth goals to maximize results.

Want to cut through the clutter of advice to know what you’re really supposed to focus on? I’ll help. Want to understand social media essentials to hit a home run and stand out from the competition? I’ll help with that too. Without marketing babble or tech speak that leaves you dizzied and confused.

To help you get there, I offer a range of services, have written some eBooks and share advice and tips on Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post, here on my own blog and in my email newsletter. I also speak at organizations and conferences, and am finishing up a social media eCourse to make mastering social media quick and easy for entrepreneurs and business owners.

How can I help you?

You’re here because you’re frustrated by poor ROI from your social media or digital marketing investment. Maybe your business is doing okay but you’re really not seeing results. Maybe you’re a small business owner who is just totally overwhelmed by the entire thing and needs social media training to help you take control and get results. Or maybe you’re an executive or business owner who realizes that LinkedIn (and other social channels) can make a profound impact on your personal brand while increasing leads and helping you stay top of mind with your network. I’ve helped people who fit the bill in each of these cases. And I can help you too.

Free Tools

Besides my blog here, I recorded a super simple (and free) social media podcast course that’s available on YouTube (it’s been downloaded more than 1,000 times). Think of it as your introduction to social media training. My best work is sent in my email newsletter – sign up here and I’ll send you one of my eBooks for free (with ridiculously simple steps you can take right now to increase your social media followers).

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You knew you wouldn’t make it too far without seeing links to my social networks, right? I’m most active on Twitter (my handle is @_dianamitchell) and LinkedIn (don’t be shy – send me a request to connect and I will gladly accept – just be sure to send a personal message with your request so I know you’re real and not a spammer).

I also love Instagram – I’m @dianamitchell716 over there.

Recognize the theme park locations in many of my pictures throughout the site? Shoot me an email with your guesses and I’ll be happy to spend 15 minutes walking you through a free social media and digital marketing consultation.

Thanks for stopping by – I’m super glad you’re here. If you ever have a question, just holler (or, you know, send me an email, which will probably go further).